Joseph Ashford | Biography of Joe Ashford
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Joseph Ashford

I am continually described as extremely hardworking, probably to a fault, but even with my heavy work load I am extremely dedicated to my family. My children are my world, and all the work I do is for them, so they can have everything I didn’t when I was growing up.

Joseph Ashford


My early life

I had a very unconventional childhood and I would probably describe my upbringing as very difficult, and full of challenges, but I do believe it has made me a better person and the strong character I am today.

Later on in life, in a very short time, I lost my mum, dad and sister. I learnt from this tragedy the incredible importance that every second counts and to be thankful for every small thing. The gratitude I feel for my beautiful family, for my life, my achievements, is overwhelming, and I try to give back as much as I can, becoming involved in supporting several charity events and making donations to causes I am passionate about.

Marketing Guru
Small business analyst
Years of experience
Scalable business solutions

Mainly due to business, I have been fortunate enough to have travelled the world. I don’t think anything is as humbling as learning about new cultures and traditions. Along with my own background these experiences enlightened me to the various struggles faced by humanity which brought out the philanthropist in me and since then I have supported numerous charities, and nothing is as gratifying or fulfilling.


Joe Ashford
Joseph Ashford @josephashford10
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Joseph Ashford @josephashford10
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Joseph Ashford @josephashford10
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“The exceptional entrepreneurial skills and efficacious business virtuosities of Mr Ashford have inevitably led him to become the CEO of multiple successful companies, which transpired from ideas, and through dedication and industriousness came to fruition. Despite his obvious success and notable achievements, Mr Ashford has remained unpretentious and extremely down-to-earth, most likely due to the fact that he is completely self-made, who still possesses sound ethics and strong morals.”

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